Benefits of Hellerwork SI

Better posture with less effort.

Improved freedom, grace, and coordination in movement.

Resolution of symptoms from old injuries.

Reduction of pain and physical stress.

More available energy.

Greater balance and resilience, including mental and emotional resilience.

Hellerwork Structural Integration is manual bodywork and mind-body exercises. The purpose of the work is to re-balance and align the human body to be more fluid in movement and more resilient under the constant presence of gravity.


Hellerwork SI is deep kinesthetic bodywork and movement re-education designed to realign the body and release chronic tension and stress. Increase your awareness of emotional stresses that may be related to physical pressure. Increase your connection through mind-body exercises. Sessions are organized in a deliberate and layering sequence to increase your overall comfort and ease of being you and being in your body in gravity.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi