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Kelly Propst, BA, LMT, CHC, CSI

Kelly, the owner of Realm since 2017, is a health and wellness practitioner offering natural healing therapy. A balance of full-body healing creates a connection to the whole body. Kelly has created a safe environment to regain body presence and control over physical sensations.

Kelly has helped persons treat themselves with chronic pains through Structural Integration, advanced myofascial techniques, and other certified healing techniques. The goal is to treat your body with the care that it deserves. After years of bad habits, Kelly will provide you with a place to rejuvenate. When your body hurts, Kelly will guide the body to heal.

Kelly acquires a high level of peace through meditation, qigong, hiking, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, and helping others. This peace is present and resonates in all sessions, and Kelly invites you to experience peace through pain relief.

"I’m passionate about this work because it actually works! The body’s innate intelligence is meant to function as our holistic pharmacy: a gold mine of healing at our very own fingertips. My primary focus is to listen to you and your body. As a licensed and certified practitioner my focus is to assist you in reconnecting with your body and develop a deeper awareness so that you might hear its voice. The healing begins in the listening. In my space, you will be heard, cared for and as a team, you and I will transform your pain into ease and deepen your trust in yourself."

Kelly Propst, BA, LMT, CHC, CSI

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